Friday, January 28, 2011

Come On, Grab The Present And One!

River celebrated his first birthday on December 31st, 2010. Family and friends braved snow storms, icy roads and "happy" New Year's Eve drivers to honor him. He wasn't entirely sure why he was getting so much attention, but he lapped up the love and a little icing too.

It took him a bit to realize it was okay to gobble the cake and when he did, he was way more interested in the frosting. Smart kid.

He may be one, but he's not too old to blow raspberries.

He's starting to figure out the concept of unwrapping presents. Big, iridescent bows help.

Wishing for??? I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

Pops and Nomee drove from Kansas City, MO. Great Aunt Connie and Great Uncle Eddie and my/your cousin Eddie came from California. Lots of Salt Lake friends showed up too. Presents, cards, emails and texts from all over came in to wish you a happy birthday. You are LOVED!

Nice... a bubble bath to end the night. You were so excited, it took awhile to fall asleep. Then you woke up, while mom was gone celebrating dad's birthday and Nomee had to do some fancy footwork to get you back to sleep. Mom, on the other hand, was so exhausted from the party planning, she was falling asleep on her feet waiting for midnight to wish your dad a happy birthday. The torch of youth has been passed.
You are a happy, smiley one year old. You aren't quite walking, but you have excellent standing balance and love to push your walker toy around. You also like to push shopping carts. You could walk, if you trusted it, but like crawling, you are taking your time. You are handling weening really well and are almost done nursing. This is a little bittersweet for mom, but so far she's only cried once. You have a constant stream of "words" coming out of your mouth. Besides mom and dad, we recognize kitty and thank you. You love dancing. Your two favorite moves are the sway side to side and the bounce up and down. Whenever the Friends theme song comes on, you stop everything to dance to it. The smile on your face is so huge. The love of Friends must be genetic. You have discovered your nostril is a perfect size resting place for your finger. Thankfully nothing is getting picked yet. You love to copy everything we do, pointing remotes at the tv, dialing phones, typing on the keyboard or reading books. We call you the Grindyloaf, which is an obscure reference to the creatures in Harry Potter that hide in the seaweed and try to pull people down to the bottom of the lake. You got this nickname, because of your tendency to always be underfoot, grabbing at our pant legs. This is especially true if we're trying to cook dinner. You've definitely developed some one year old attitude and we've experienced our first bouts of temper. It's cute, so we're trying our best to be good parents and not laugh and encourage it. You like to roll off the couch without warning and just expect us to catch you. In fact, you like anything that feels like a roller-coaster and your absolute favorite part of the day is when your dad wakes up and flies you around the house.
Here is an onslaught of videos documenting some one year old cuteness. I tried to keep them short and sweet for blog viewers. I hope you enjoy them.

(In defense of my dad, I just handed him the camera without telling him it was a video camera. We love the eye ball at the beginning. Such a classic dad move.)

Sugar Rush

River loves Noodle and Noodle is making an effort to love River too. One day.

So cute that he was singing while he danced and then clapped for his own performance.

It's so hard to catch him going all out. He always gets distracted by the camera.

We can't believe our baby is one. The first month lasted an eternity and the last eleven months went by in a blink. There is nothing we can say to sum up the amount of growing our hearts and souls have done this year as a result of loving you. Being your parents is the greatest joy of our lives. Happy Birthday our dear River!!!


IrisLillie said...

Ohhh he is SOOOO ready to walk.

Pops is going to be going over and over and over these videos...

I thought Noodle earned sainthood for not at least boxing River's ears...

Hal Fields said...

River is soo cute. But I have to give Noodle some love, too. That is a special cat.

Chrislynn said...

Lil, he is such a gorgeous little boy! I love the bath photo, so cute! Congratulations on making through the first year.

Jessica Fields Rudder said...

What a great post!

I loved all the photos and videos.

I also think it's funny that after your video of River dancing ended, YouTube recommended (for me, anyway) a video of "River Dance" which is not the same at all.