Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

River and I rocked the red... though it probably should have been a hat day for both of us.

We keep Valentine's Day simple around here, but I fear my card making skills might have reached a new low. Honestly the card looks like River made it. I was having to bat him away every five seconds, because my sharpie marker was suddenly the must have item of the year, but even still, where was I in first grade when they taught everyone how to draw a heart? By the way, take my advise and don't trace a one year old's hand or a cat's paw for any project, it will turn out bad. Good thing it is the thought that counts.

I happened to buy a rolling pin on Valentine's Day and told Bear that was his real present. Hmm??? Maybe not every thought should count... Happy Valentine's Day from the girl who once vowed never to wear pink or celebrate Valentine's Day, the guy who changed her mind and the baby and kitty who are glad she did. (Though she still prefers red.)


Shannon said...

Hey Lil, I just found your blog on your facebook! Love your Valentine card--handmade is the best!

IrisLillie said...

I love the card...