Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who Needs Ruby Slippers

That's the name of the color on my toes and right now, my toes are the only sassy thing about me. My reserves are low. Since the New Year, I've had the stomach flu twice, a double ear infection, a sinus infection and now something called c. diff that I got as a result of taking antibiotics. The cure is apparently more antibiotics, which is highly disturbing to my anti-antibiotic overuse mind, but not treating it sounds worse, so... yeah... hand em over.


During one of the few healthy weeks I've had this year, River had his first cold. The plague is among us and right now, only Bear seems to be immune. I am feeling sorry for myself over the c. diff thing. It usually only affects older people with compromised immune systems, who have been taking lots of antibiotics. I haven't taken any in five years and I was taking probiotics the whole time I was taking the antibiotics, spaced out in the proper way, so as not to cancel each other out. I guess I need to be more aggressive with the probiotics, since illnesses seem to be getting more aggressive.


The one positive thing about being sick, is you remember to appreciate how great normal feels. And another thing, I've had a few hours during all this, to reflect upon this time last year and I can honestly say, I would way rather have the stomach flu every day of the week, than post partum depression and anxiety. So there's always that thought to cheer me up. I haven't been sick in a long time, morning sickness aside, so I guess it's my turn to build up the old immune system. There's no place like health. There's no place like health. There's no place like health.


Candice said...

True, true, true. Sickness=gratitude. You make me want to just sit and be grateful that I have both of my legs, and no ear infections...or something like that.

Get well, friend.

IrisLillie said...

Man did you ever hit that nail right on the head...
Once you are not healthy.. it seems like everything else goes wrong..

Jessica said...

I hope you're starting to feel better.

Being sick is no fun.

Being sick when you have other people (especially an adorable son) depending on you is no fun X seven.

By the way, I love the nail polish. I don't think I've had polish on my nails since the wedding. Of course, I think that before my wedding the last time I had polished toes was your wedding. I may have to start polishing the toenails though as I have one nail that's threatening to pull a 'runner's toe' and fall off. Blech!