Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It is NOT like riding a bicycle. You definitely can't hop back into a class after 12 years and think you are going to be good. Come to think of it, I haven't ridden a bike in a long time, so maybe I wouldn't be any good at that either.

I am taking the Modern 2 class at RDT in downtown Salt Lake. It is fast and hard choreography, that usually leaves me spinning by myself five seconds after the music ends. Hmmm... shouldn't I take the Modern 1 class, if I haven't danced in so long? Good question. To bad they DON"T OFFER ONE!


I guess they get a kick out of seeing aging moms like me, floundering to songs by someone named Lady Gaga??? Last time I danced, everything was to Sarah, or Jewel, or Fiona. I wish they would use some of these songs again. I would still suck, but at least I would enjoy the music.


At the beginning of tonight's class, when it became decidedly evident I was out of my league, I thought being the worst person in class might do me some good. I've never been the WORST before, maybe I would gain character by not quitting. Well, by the end of class, I can assure you... being the worst is not so good for me, my character or my waistline. My self esteem plummeted. I hated everyone in the class and I wanted to go home and drown my sorrows in hot fudge. So join me next Tuesday at RDT, but not if you are better than me... I don't want to have to hate you.


annette said...

My lack of coordination and ability to memorize choreography would do your self-esteem good. I'm pretty sure I was the worst person in every one of Maggie's classes... That's just shameful. I do think it's awesome that you're going for it and I'm sure you'll see improvement in a couple of weeks. Sing a little 90's female empowerment music in your head for inspiration.

Also--just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your comments on my last post.

Jessica Fields Rudder said...

Do you remember that episode of Fresh Prince where Aunt Viv tries to get back into dance?

It sounds like her experience was very similar to what's happening to you (except that the girls in the class were snotty to her).

Of course, she uses their huge amounts of cash to hire a professional coach just so she can go back to the class and dance the booties off of the other girls.

If I had the choice between a Bel-Aire mansion and helping you dance, I'd choose helping you dance every single time.

By the way, Pandora just started playing a song called "Music is My Hot, Hot Sex". It's kind of dumb, but, any song that has a chorus that goes something along the lines of "music is my beach house / music is my home town / music is my bedroom / music is where I meet my friends" can't be all that bad.

Hmmm...the song just broke into Portuguese. I'm thinking it might have me confused with Josh.

The Ollies said...

You are so funny! I think it's great that you even have the motivation to take a dance class!