Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Recap

River had his first Easter last year, but since he wasn't sitting up yet, much less "hunting", this is the first time we did eggs.

He also got a big Easter present. He loves this ball pit. It's been a couple weeks and he still isn't over it.

These are the three lone survivors of River's first attempt at dyeing Easter Eggs. Lets just say bring a tarp and safety goggles if you let a 15 month old do it himself.

Home from church and ready to play.

We had a nice long break from the rain in the middle of Easter Sunday. Perfect time to find some eggs.

River did really well. Though when his basket was full, he would dump the eggs out and "refind" them.

I thought he looked ruggedly handsome in his Easter outfit. His hat was a gift from a friend. She sells them on facebook at Vintage Greens. It makes him look like a 1930's newsie. I LOVE IT!

This is River giving us the sign for more. Parents beware teaching this sign to your children. It will be overused and it is hard to turn down.

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter. Reflecting on the Savior conquering death, spending time with my beautiful family and pondering how those two things together truly make all my dreams come true... it doesn't get better.


Candice said...

His outfit is awesome. I LOVE the hat. 'More' please.

susan said...

All this cuteness was worth the wait. Wish we could have seen it in person :( but knowing he has you two shepherding him with love makes it "bearable"! When do you find the time girl to do such a professional job on this blog? The pics, poses and of course your witty banter. Love It!!! Easter Kisses to you all!

NobleLane said...

Looks like you had a great Easter. He looks so handsome in his outfit. How can you not enjoy this time of year with a little guy like that. Enjoy.