Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Montana: Take One and Two

In an attempt to Spring Clean my mind, I'm kicking out the backed up posts in my head and actually putting them on the blog. What a novel idea. Maybe, I'll get to the illusive 3rd wedding post... probably not... but hopefully I'll make a dent in the old ,but unreported news department.
First up... Montana! We spent the first 10 days of March in lovely Kalispell, Montana. We went to film the movie Treasure State. Really, we went to visit our friends Marianne and Andy, (Mariandy for short) but we used the movie as an excuse. Here's some clips of our adventure.

How to survive an 11 hour road trip with a cat and a baby... bring lots of snacks.

Tired... Juicy... and ready for more.

Thank goodness for Kiss Kiss when the going gets rough.

Noodle assumed his normal position after his road trip ritual of pooping twice and puking twice. Poor baby gets motion sickness every time.

All better! Don't report us to the po po. We try and put him in a carrier, but our cat is part mountain lion and can't survive in a cage. He quite literally has a stroke, foams at the mouth and breaks out into a sweaty, dandruffy lather.

Somewhere along the trip, River found an old binkie in the diaper bag. I could never get him to use one when he was little, but now he's a fan. He just chews on it, while it hangs out the side of his mouth. It probably feels good on his gums, since he's constantly teething, but it cracks me up.

This is the result of River's first fruit smoothie. He loved it so much, he grabbed the glass out of my hand and proceeded to dump some in his mouth and most of it all over his face and shirt. This is also one of the very last pics of him using his walker, since he decided to walk on his own days later.

The world's cutest cowboy.

We love this one, because it looks like he's about to draw his guns. This picture was taken during a lunch break on one of our many filming days. River was my set partner, since I didn't film during this trip. I'd brag that he never ruined a single take, but that's only because I kept him far, far away from the cameras.

I turned around and saw a little Jedi Knight helping Robert Andrus with his laundry.

This is Bear in character as one of the Baxter brothers. It was a brutal shoot. Almost everything he shot was outside in the freezing, snowing, raining, pouring Montana wilderness. Also, if you click here and go to minute five of the video, you'll see the day a horse trampled him on set. Fun times. The best part about getting run over by a horse on take one??? Having to do take two and "act" like your not scared it's going to happen again!

After the initial Montana shoot, I flew up by myself (without a plane or anything) to play the local news anchor. It was a blast. My shooting experience was the opposite of Bear's. I was nice and toasty, inside and even barefoot. It was the first time I was apart from River for longer than five hours. I kept having the feeling I was forgetting to do something, but after the tenth or eleventh time I got up to check on him, my brain finally figured out he was not with me and let me relax a little.

By the way, this is how Marianne and Andy looked when I left.

And this is how they looked four days later. Maria Alana Wiest, came shooting out into the world a month before her due date and the day after the movie wrapped. I guess she didn't want to miss her baby shower. Welcome sweet Maria and thank you for letting your dad finish filming the movie before you came... you know the old saying... nothing slows down production like a newborn.

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