Monday, April 4, 2011

A Wild Hair

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A while back, some friends and I were discussing salons named with hair puns. We had run in to quite a few and decided the ultimate was Whoomp! Hair It Is! Sadly, I do not live by said salon, so in a valiant effort to keep River away from salons with boring names, I let his hair grow wild. Okay, it wasn't so much to save him from boring named salons, as to save his cute little curls, but try as I might, my husband thought he was in need of his first haircut.

Do you agree? Hey, it's not always this crazy. Wyoming is windy!

So on April 3, 2011, I caved and River got his first haircut.

I tried to have them just cut the top and save the precious curls in the back. I said mullets are acceptable on babies, but I was denied.

We were in Wyoming, so in true Equality State fashion, we used a Flowbee for the haircut. As 1980's as this sounds, I have to recommend it for baby cuts. No worry about scissors and babies not holding still and it cuts really evenly.

Although, River was not a fan of how loud it was.

But then his trusty thumb helped him calm down.

I have to admit, he is handsome. I miss the curls, but he developed a new swagger with his haircut and I have seen ladies swooning in every gas station from Casper, Wy to Salt Lake. I think his first haircut proved to be a sucess. Thanks Grandma!


Angela said...

He looks super cute! I can't believe flobee's are still around that's awesome!

Heidi said...

Yeah, Christian was being mistaken for a girl quite a bit by the time I finally caved and let his blonde curls be trimmed away. And the irony is Abigail has stick straight hair that grows ever so slowly and gets mistaken for a boy!

Shannon said...

He is so adorable--and the FLOWBEE is awesome!

Jessica said...

I love the windblown look he had. He looked like quite the wild child.

As for the hair cut, it looks quite nice. I understand why you didn't want to lose the curls, but, he does look dapper now.