Friday, April 8, 2011

Drum Roll Please

Ryan Burt who said...

***I think it is awesome to use something you are passionate about to make the world a better place. I cant wait to see it. So does the winner get the movie hand delivered? My dream is to be a best selling author. I have written a couple of books so working on the dream.***

I'll admit it Ryan, when the random number generator spit out the number two, I was thinking... "he would buy it anyway", but then I thought, "which is exactly why he SHOULD win", and so I am glad you did. Thank you for always supporting me and I can't wait to read one of your books.

Thanks to everyone who entered and supported The Wylds and Treasure State on Facebook. It's so fun to be able to giveaway something I made. I'm not very crafty, so this is a rarity for me. Maybe next time, I'll pull an Oprah and secretly have copies for everyone.


Ryan said...

You know I was thinking today I need to get a copy of it. So I was going to order it but then thought I might win so I decided to wait.

I still might buy it and give it away to someone else.

Keep up the good work Diamond.

The Bears said...

See Ryan... a generous heart... that's why you have good winning Karma!