Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I waited as long as I could, but 20 months is when I had to start pushing my passions on to my child. What are parents for, right?

Pretty much the only time he paid attention to his coach.

I don't remember this event.

Landing on his bum... Just like Mom.

Practicing those jumping skills. We have one foot off the ground... hoping for two very soon.


annette said...

So precious. I had Grayson in gymnastics this past winter, but I'm pretty sure it isn't his calling. He isn't terribly coordinated that way. He actually just started being able to jump with both feet off the ground this past month. I find the process of learning to jump pretty amusing. Can't wait to see River at the Olympics!

Candice said...

Go for the gold...

Jessica Rudder said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with living vicariously through your children.

I am absolutely certain that all of my kids will want a pony!