Friday, September 9, 2011

Nickel And A Dime

Where were you five years ago today?

I was getting hitched, Ranch Style, to my Soul Matey.

This is our 5 and 10 Anniversary. We got married exactly 5 years after we started dating. 5 years married, 10 years together. I have to count the first five years, because they have too many good memories and took too much work, just to drop them. I thought I'd share some fun facts about our wedding and courtship.

We were married on Bear's Aunt Jaylin's ranch in Northern California. Our friend Matthew Russell (director of Seven Days In Utopia) got certified to be a reverend on the Internet and preformed the ceremony. As you can see, I made everyone sit on hay bales. I thought it was charming. They thought it was scratchy. Our colors were yellow and green and Mother Nature cooperated with a matching back drop.

Our cake had chocolate frosting and two dancing polar "bears" as the topper. It still to this day is the best tasting wedding cake I have ever had, though it was dangerous to feed him a bite, while wearing white. I had to smash and run.

We danced like crazy. We danced on tables and closed down the party at 4:00 am, when the last of the hard core group crawled into tents, or pick-up truck beds and passed out. It will always be one of the highlights of my life.

This photo is from ten years ago. It was taken during our acting class on September 11, 2001. (Crazy enough, everyone still came to class. I think it was better than being alone.) This was the first scene we ever did together and was just two days after we started dating. The scene was from Reality Bites. I don't have many photos from then, since it was pre-digital, but weren't we sweet young things. Every anniversary I tell the same joke, because I'm cool like that. I say, Happy (fill in the number years) Anniversary... man it feels like an eternity! Well it is only partly true. This picture feels like it was taken yesterday and it feels like an eternity ago. I think all the best things in life are like that and love and sacrifice and family and dreams and everything else that makes up this marriage, definitely qualifies as a "best thing". Happy 5 and 10 Soul Matey!


Chrislynn said...

Happy Anniversary Lil! You looked beautiful on your wedding day (but you always do). Congratulations on TEN years together!

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I find the hay bales charming too. But that's probably because we had our reception at a converted milking barn. ;)

Candice said...

4 am...and then crawled into truck beds and tents? You have awesome friends. That is a wedding and a half! It sounds like so much fun.

Beandip said...

It was one of the best weddings I've ever been to, I can vouch for that! Is that how late we were up?! Wowzas!!! Oh and I'll never forget your first kiss, haha, oh goodness! Wow I've been with you guys through a lot and that's just special! BTW I love how you say soul matey, so cute. Congrats to you both! Love you!

Hal Fields said...

Happy anniversary, Bear and Lil. I know, I'm late. I have fond memories of Corning and that beautiful ranch. But five years ago?? That's depressing.

Jessica Rudder said...

Lil - I kept thinking "The hay bales didn't bother me. Why's everyone whining?" Then I remembered that I was standing, not sitting. Oh well. Perhaps they should be closer to the bride and groom next time so they get invited to be in the wedding. That'll teach 'em!

Dad - What's depressing about 5 years, old man?

I was talking about celebrating our 3rd anniversary and Josh kept giving me a weird look. Turns out we've only been married for two years. Who knew?

In any case, I was counting celebrations, not years. So, my counting was correct (wedding + 1st anniversary + 2nd anniversary = 3) but my labeling was way off.