Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hey Shorty

Since my last couple posts were really long, I thought I'd make this one a shorty.  In fact, it is more of an addition to the two other really long posts, so maybe it is not a post at all. 

This is one of River's quirks I forgot to list.  Everyday, for no explicable reason, he pulls out all three Hunger Games books.  It doesn't matter if I separate them and hide them on different shelves, or in different rooms, he finds all three and pulls them out.  Once they are on the floor, he is done with them.  It's only these three.  He doesn't touch my other books.  Weird.  Before they cast Katniss, I used to think it was a sign I was supposed to be in the movie.  Well... there is always the sequel.

One of my photos in my ginormous Halloween posts didn't load and River's pumpkin was too cute not to share.  We went to the library's story time and they had the kids decorate pumpkins... FOR FREE!  Sorry about the caps.  I like free stuff.  Before you start feeling bad that your 22 month old can't decorate a pumpkin with such style and grace, please note, River mostly supervised the placing of objects and I was the one with glue all over my fingers.

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Scott and Stacia said...

Thanks for your congrats! We are excited! Loved how you were being vague in your comment :) Love the cute pumpkin!!