Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthday Eve

Last night I had a dream where in it I was sleeping and a giant clock was laying flat on top of me.  It was a generic round black and white plastic clock, like the kind you see in every office and classroom in America.  It had the loudest, most annoying tick, tick tick sound as it counted the seconds.  The clock began pressing down on me and suffocating me, weighing so heavy on my chest I couldn't breathe.  I awoke in a cold sweat, with the keen awareness I just had my first biological clock dream.  How very grown up of me, or Ally McBeal of me... I'm not sure which.

Upon waking I had three thoughts: 1. My biological clock is boring.  Can't I have an antique cuckoo clock instead.  2. Where's my dancing baby?  3. Hey back off biological clock... I'm trying pretty hard here!

I had my heart set on a positive pregnancy test for my birthday.  Mercifully, I found out today, instead of tomorrow, that it was not meant to be.  That way I have time to get over my funk.  Who wants a negative pregnancy test for their birthday?  No one!  Can we say refund... or better yet... exchange!  I think my body must have known it wasn't pregnant.  Why else would it have sent my subconscious a biological clock dream?  Anyway, it was a long day, that started off with a rough night.  I've never been able to sleep that well with noisy clocks in the room.  Tomorrow will be better.  33 Here I Come!


Ryan said...

If it makes you feel better my wife was up from 2:00 am on trying to determine if we need to have another biological baby. Maybe you clocks are synced up.

Jessica Rudder said...

I'm having "your job makes you miserable dreams".

It's not like that's a news flash.

Why is it that Einstein's subconscious helps him solve complex physics problems and our subconsciouses tell us things we already consciously know?

It hardly seems fair.

Scott and Stacia said...

Happy belated birthday!!