Friday, December 23, 2011

Lights and More Lights

River here- I just wanted to let you know how we've been filling our time this December.  One of the words I like to say the most right now is lights... actually it is more like LIIIIIIIIGHTSSSSS!  So my mom has been taking me all over the place to see as many as possible.  Our first attempt was at Christmas In The Park in Kansas City.  It didn't go so well.  We waited in a 45 minute line just to get into the park and right when we finally made it to the gates and saw a few lights, we had to turn around, because we were going to miss a dinner appointment.  I still had fun riding in the front seat.  Mom's kind of a car seat nazi... I mean I am almost two and still rear facing... so it was a real treat.

Then we hit up The Kansas City Plaza.  Now they know how to do lights... beautiful and easy access.  I've never been to Europe, something about needing a passport, blah, blah, blah, but this part of Kansas City makes me feel the same way as pictures of London on foggy nights do.  Yes, I look at pictures of London.  I'm very sophisticated for my age.

My mom wouldn't let me hold the camera, so unfortunately you have to deal with unsightly street signs in the way, but isn't KC beautiful this time of year?

She is soooo getting snowballed for this.

When we made our way back to Salt Lake, we ventured out into Sugar Hood, uh... I mean House and found Christmas Street.  The neighbors here have been decorating their houses every year since 1947.  I bet the dinosaurs thought it was so cool.

Mom tried to get a photo of both of us and the sign.  At least we got the most important part.

For all you Salt Lakers, Christmas Street is on 1700 S. and 1500 E.  You should check it out, but only if you're not grinch'in.

After Christmas Street, we stopped by Bible Street... literally right down the road and saw the whole Christmas Story displayed throughout the neighborhood.  I can't read, but the pictures sure were pretty.  Jesus's mom had him naturally too, so our birth stories are kind of similar, but I was born in a hospital and they wouldn't let Noodle come to visit, so no animals.  Shoot... that would have been so cool.

 Last on our tour of lights was Temple Square.  We actually had two attempts, because the first time Mom couldn't find parking, so we just had hot chocolate instead.  I'm glad we tried again, because it was really something.  My favorite was the reflections of light on this fountain.  I tried to go for a swim, but mom was not budging on this one.

Come on Mom... Just a little dip?

We had fun and just in case you are the type to get in a huff about me not wearing a hat or gloves, just know I had to rip them off every five minutes when my mom kept trying to sneak them on.  I checked with Santa and this does not get you kicked off the Good List.  Tonight is Dad's last night of peak season, so maybe we can finally get him in some photos.  Merry Christmas and I hope you liked the LIIIIGHTSSSS!!!!

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Jessica Rudder said...

I got to see some Christmas lights this year too!

We ended up bailing after about 20 minutes because Jason was driving and he cannot handle cars not moving when he thinks they should. I'll be honest, it was a bit weird that we were stopped for about 5 minutes straight (maybe a car decided to park and go visit friends? I dunno), but, I was content to look at the lights.

I'm glad River is cool enough to know how awesome Christmas lights are.