Friday, January 27, 2012

A Quickie

Get your mind out of the gutter folks, this is a family blog.  I just have a quick minute to write, because I need every spare second I have this weekend to write my talk for church this Sunday.  However, I am finding it hard to focus, so I think clearing some brain space, by writing down a few things here, might be a good idea.
My favorite thing about awards season is movie studios sending me free dvds in the mail, to try to sway my vote for their film in the SAG Awards.  I guess if you factor in the fact that I pay SAG dues, then the dvds aren't really free, but they feel like it, so it's fun.  This year I got dvds of The Help, Moneyball, The Descendants,  The Artist, and Bridesmaids.  I got a free ticket to see The Iron Lady at a theater and I got a link to see Jay Edgar, Warrior and My Week With Marilyn on-line.  The problem is, I had to vote today and I received all of these things this week.
Dear SAG, do you really think a mom has that much movie watching time on her hands and lets be honest... even if I did, there is no way River would let me wrestle Toy Story 3 out of the dvd player right now, so long story short... I managed to watch The Iron Lady, Bridesmaids and I had already seen The Help.  Here's how my vote went down.
The first vote was on Best Male Actor in a Leading Role.  In this category was two people I didn't know (who probably deserved the award), Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Leonardo DiCaprio.  If this was 1997, I might have had a freaking heart attack choosing between Tristan and Romeo... ughh... I mean Brad and Leo, but since Leo hasn't aged very well and the only two people I find more condescending then Brad right now are George Clooney and Matt Damon, my dilemma was decidedly different than what it would have been back then.  I couldn't decide based on current performances, since I hadn't seen any of the movies, so in the end, I decided puffy genetics beats out irritating smugness and in a move I never thought I'd make, I voted against my favorite actor Brad Pitt.
Now people, this does not put me in the same category as the people that vote on the President based on his hair cut, if he plays a musical instrument and whether or not his episode of Saturday Night Live was funny.  It definitely doesn't put me in the category of people that vote based on if he is a he or a she, what church he/she attends and what color he/she is.  That being said, I apologize to the two people in this category who I didn't know.  I should have at least googled you to see if you looked puffy or smug.


The Ollies said...

Ha ha! I love it!

Jen said...

How cool that you get to vote! And I too can't believe you voted against Brad Pitt when given the chance... be careful that the 1997-1999 version of yourself doesn't appear and bi%#*-slap you. ;)