Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V Day

Don't worry... this won't be one of those Valentine's posts highlighting all the fun, creative, romantic and expensive things my sweetheart did for me, that yours didn't do for you.  Valentine's Day is about the love, but so often it can leave you feeling like this.... (see photo below)

I've always had a rocky relationship with Valentine's Day.  It started out as not getting very many Valentines in my box in elementary school, progressed to zero Valentines in high school and reached the pinnacle in college when the boy I was head over heals for asked me to be his Valentine, only to get tired and go to bed before I finished with work.  Seriously, who goes to bed at 6:00?
I spent awhile hating Valentine's Day.  I wore black, nail polish and all, was nauseated by anything heart shaped and professed my hatred of anyone wearing pink and red together to anyone who would listen.  Pink by itself was bad enough, but paired with red was too much for my delicate sensibilities.  It was worse than being forced to listen to Bare Naked Ladies.  Wait!  Strike that.  Nothing is worse than being forced to listen to Bare Naked Ladies.  Well anyway, you get the picture.
So here I am today, wearing pink and purple (at least I am not a total hypocrite), tired from frosting way too many heart shaped cookies and wondering, "What the heck happened to me."  Oh yeah... I remember now... I found true love.  The kind you have to work and sacrifice for.  The kind that you are okay with low key plans for, because you know how many different directions you've both been pulled in lately... with baby stuff and house stuff and job stuff.  The kind that is a gift all itself, making other gifts unnecessary.  The kind of love where the hug at the end of the night, before you left to work, was what I really needed to feel loved.  Happy Valentine's Day Robert Brandon Bear.
On a side note... if you haven't read the posts on Cjane's blog about her 5 loves, do yourself a favor and click here now.  Go from the bottom up.
The last part of this post is titled A Ghetto Mom Tries.  As in, I try to be crafty and do all the cute things I see other ladies doing, but never quite pull it off.

Example one-No quality card stock here peeps... just cheap printer paper for this home made Valentine.  The art work by my little man does raise the quality though.

 Example two- Are those sugar cookies green?  Did you forget that you only had green food coloring left over from St. Patty's last year and now it is too late to go to the store and get a more suitable color?

Example three- Hello... you are supposed to download printable cello bag toppers with creative sayings, not scribble with washable marker in barely legible writing.

Oh well... this ghetto mom will keep on trying.  Meanwhile, we're off to make some special deliveries.  Happy Valentine's Day to you.  Please enjoy some more pics of my curly haired valentine.  No, not the tall one with the scruff on his face... the short one with the most kissable cheeks this side of the Milky Way.


Jessica said...

I LOVED your post! So glad you found your one true love, you deserve it!I couldn't agree more about the bare naked ladies thing, I loved the green frosted cookies, and your ghetto sign. Your boy is BEAUTIFUL!

IrisLillie said...

Dag-gummit.... Jessica stole my post and put her name to it....