Monday, February 20, 2012


I love them.  I want a zillion of them and by a zillion, I mean six.  I want to have four biologically and adopt two more after that.  I love being pregnant too.  It wasn't easy, but I loved it.  Four months straight of puking, bring it on, because everything else was amazing.  The fact that my bladder has nerve damage from pushing for four hours straight and I feel like I always have to pee as a result... totally worth it, if I get a baby in the end.

I don't claim to be really good at any of it.  I had post-partum anxiety that literally kicked me harder than anything I've ever experienced.  I'm a little vain and not losing the weight quickly enough wreaked havoc on my self esteem.  I've never been a good sleeper, but I neeeeeeeed sleep.  I'm not one of those people that can just go, go, go on four hours, day after day. ( I used to think I would pick flying, or teleportation if I could choose a super power, but now I would pick being a good sleeper... someone who can fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow and sleep through the night without interruption, but even if they are awakened by a small child, they can immediately resume sleeping when the child has been cared for... now that is power)!  I'm not the best housekeeper or cook or interior designer and I don't have a million ideas on keeping them entertained or teaching them new things.  I can't craft to save my life and I only wear make-up for weddings, funeral and auditions... so being the prettiest mom is out of the question too, but despite the long list of reasons I might not make the best mom, I can't help it.... I just want more, more, more kids.  I love them.

Not only do I love them, I feel like I already know them and being patient to have them in my arms has been the most trying experience of my life.

I think River is the most amazing boy in the whole world.  I think all kids are cute in various ways.  Some kids are little gap models and some kids have that bruiser quality and some kids are so quirky and different, but to me River is a masterpiece worthy of the Sistine Chapel.  I look at him and feel like Michelangelo must have sculpted him.  I think, "So what if I can't craft, look at what I made from scratch.."  That's my new joke lately... the reason I take so long to have babies is because I am making masterpieces.  Anyway, I am telling you all this, because I know I am not alone in loving kids.  Some people aren't really kid people, but there has to be a lot of us out there and if any of you happen to read my blog, I want to share this link to my sister's blog and introduce you to a few masterpieces out there waiting for a family.  The more kid lovers that see them, the more chance they have at being found by their forever family.  Please take a look.