Saturday, July 7, 2012


Sometimes, amid the business of  barbeques and fireworks, I think we forget how truly insane/inspired our founding fathers were for declaring independence from Britain.  Courage like that needs to be celebrated!  I'm not going to write much more, because we have picture/video overload.  Just know that I get goosebumps every time I really think about the heritage of being American.  I love the whole amazing world we have been blessed with, but I love this little corner the best!!! 

River "smiling" at the church's neighborhood breakfast.  The food was awesome and we had a way bigger turnout then we have ever had before.  

 Then on to the barbeque some friends in my ward were throwing.  Had to get pictures of the amazing presentation.  I don't do party foods, so I am easily impressed.  It was almost too cute to eat.

And they rented a bounce house! With a slide!

No wonder my husband thinks being a parent is exhausting.  He's always the most popular person at the party.  The kids found out he was in a zombie movie and now they call him the zombie king.  Even the little ones go around saying, "Eat Brains."  Age appropriate... Not so sure?  Adorable... Off the charts!

Then quickly off to the last party of the night at Fia's house.  Even with the bounce house and the trampoline to tempt him away, once River found out that we were also going to Sofia's house, he was not going to waste any time getting there.

Ahhh Snakes... The least cute part of the 4th of July, but oddly fascinating.  Side note... Later that night a real snake would slither over my flip-flop clad foot and I would scream like a little girl. 

Airplane sighting... Might even be better than fireworks in River's opinion.

Awesome view of the valley and mountains from Bert and Marnie's backyard.  You almost wouldn't know we were in the city.

A little sparkler action.

River checking in with Fia to make sure she is seeing the fireworks.

Ending the night with a bang.  It might not be the biggest finale going on in the valley, but it was a crowd pleaser for this group.

Thanks to everyone that made this day possible!


Heidi said...

I am jealous -- it has been so hot and dry here there almost all the fireworks shows got canceled and the no street fireworks rule was strictly enforced. It didn't quite feel like the 4th without the fireworks....

Scott and Stacia said...

Way too fun!! Sounds like your day was full :)