Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Light Reading

After The Iliad and The Odyssey I just posted, I thought some lighter reading was in order.  So here are some short highlights from the last couple days.

My week 24 belly shot... also known as the perfect excuse to pull my second favorite shirt of all time out of retirement... even if it is just for one photo.

This is a prime example of bad parenting.  I undid all the work of putting River back to bed with no interaction from me, when he decided to get out of bed right before the US Women's Gymnastics team won the gold medal.  I decided to make bedtime exceptions for historical events, but mostly I just didn't want to miss it.

Gymnastics Bonus

One of the many gold medal performances from River's gymnastics class back in February.  My has he grown since then.

P.S. For anyone who watched the Men's Gymnastics Team Final, Britain and the Ukraine were robbed.  I wouldn't have counted that Japanese pommel horse dismount as a handstand even if River were doing it.  Whoever heard of needing instant replay to see a handstand.  I would demonstrate a proper handstand, but I am 24 weeks pregnant.  On second thought... I would probably still do a better job.

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Jessica Rudder said...

15 weeks left!!!!!!!

Rules are made to be broken and the gold medal in team gymnastics is the perfect excuse.

Also, I missed the stuff with men's gymnastics. Did we at least come close? Do we just suck now? I feel like when I was a kid we were always in contention for gold. This time we don't even medal?