Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Survival 101

We bought season passes off a daily deal site to the local water park back in November.  We got a killer deal and only paid $15 each for our passes and River was free.  It has been a life saver.  We usually go in the evening when our house is the hottest from cooking in the sun all day.  River is a little sad we won't take him on any of the really big slides.  He always makes us stop on the lazy river and watch the people getting stuck on the super big slide that has a hill most people can't make it over.  For the most part though, he is super content to go on the kid slides with daddy.

River is pretty sure the way to ward off sharks is by splashing them.  We pretend to be sharks and he valiantly splashes us to our doom.  I hope he is never in a real life situation where this method gets tested.

I wish he would take a brake from the slides once in awhile and just relax in the wave pool, but mostly we're all just happy to be out of our hot apartment.


IrisLillie said...

That looks so fun....

Candice said...

Two words...Good Daddy.