Friday, October 17, 2008

Catch Up

I'm still playing catch up from when my computer was on the fritz. I already did one post about my brother Luke's visit, but I thought I'd share a couple more pictures and stories with you. First up is Luke randomly deciding to climb the mountain behind my apartment. When I say behind, I mean WAY behind. I live on 300 East and the mountain starts at about 4500 East. That didn't stop Luke. He just walked straight up 3300 South, bought some water at a gas station he passed along the way and then climbed right up the mountain. I asked him why, because I could think of many other things I'd like to do on a hot August day and he said, "I live in Missouri, so mountains are cool." That's true. Mountains are cool and sometimes I forget. By the way, it took about six hours, the way up was easier than the way down and he only came across one rattlesnake. Just one!

It was so hot, we decided to head up to Bear Lake and cool off. We packed our swimming suits and everything. On our drive up, a huge storm began swirling around. The winds picked up before the rain, so at one point we were blinded by a huge dust storm, but then the rains poured and settled down the dirt. If I learned one thing at Utah State it's if it is raining in Logan, it's snowing up at Bear Lake. Good thing we packed sweatshirts along with our swimsuits.

The cold didn't keep us from enjoying some World Famous Bear Lake Raspberry shakes. That's right. I said World Famous! If you don't know about them, you need to get off your computer and get out more. I promise they are worth the trip.

I included this picture of the menu at the Bear Lake Pizza place, because of the last item on the menu. The Little Bear for $6.49. Not only did I do a double take, because it looks like my name Lillith Bear, but whoever wrote it stole my handwriting. I mean honestly, that could be my signature.

We spent the night at our friends the Mills, whom we have kept in touch with since we lived in Laketown 27 years ago. Back then they were a family of 14, 12 kids and 2 parents. Now they are their own army, with too many grandkids to count. Luckily for us, they were having a reunion at the KOA, but since the weather turned bad, they were all cramming into their parents house for the night. Luke and I just sat back and watched the chaos that ensues when big families get together. It was a highlight of the trip, but the spectacle was too much and I forgot to take pictures.

The weather was a bit better the next day, so on the way down the canyon we stopped at Rick Springs for some pictures. If you're familiar with Logan Canyon at all, I'm sure you have some old pictures there yourself. I love Logan Canyon. It is truly one of my favorite places in the whole world. This trip was even better, because Luke was with me. Yay for the canyon, yay for family... oh and super yay for yummy raspberry shakes! The End.


Kizzie said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! And how crazy is Luke for just climbing up a mountain...I'm from Missouri and I'm not about to hike up for hours! :)

candicerail said...

I cannot believe that Luke just started walking east through lovely South Salt Lake and then up the mountain. That is awesome.

I love your pictures and writing. You made me want to be next to you in the photos, because that would have meant that I got to be a part of a wonderful adventure.

Judy Andreason said...

Hi Lil,
Judy Andreason here from the Harmony Park/Miller ward. I found your blog on Sarah Jensens. I also have a blog spot which is

Bickham Fam said...


Oh my goodness-- That IS your handwriting that's the only thing that made me need to comment because I was wondering why you created some menu (I admit, I wasn't reading).