Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hair Drama

More like hair trauma, because that's what it caused me. I'm not lying. This is literally what a licensed hair professional did to me the other day. You can tell I'm really thrilled about it too. Thankfully it's close to Halloween, so not too many people pointed and laughed as I held my head down in shame and made a run for my car.
Who doesn't love Bon Jovi, but nobody wants to be his identical hair twin. Maybe in 1985, but not now and definitely not two weeks before they film a movie.
If only I could explain the horrors I had to go through to end up with this lovely do. The story includes holding the hair dryer above my head for 20 minutes, as it was broken and she didn't want it to burn me and also having my face smothered by an overly large woman's breasts while she rinsed my hair.

Yes, I paid for these bleach spots. I even said thank you and tipped... then I cried on the way home. I was in shock. I mean, was I getting punked? The moral of this hair story is, if they are charging $40 less than the going rate there is a reason why. Run the other way fast!


Jensens said...

If you ever find a great hair stylist that doesn't cost a fortune, let me know! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.

Kizzie said...

At least it made for a good blog post!! This past summer my hair got butchered at one place (they did not get a tip however!) so I went the next day somewhere else to get it fixed!!

At least your hair has some body to it!! :) hahaha!

candicerail said...

I thought that you were bringing back one of your 80s pictures that your Mom had!

I completely understand. I almost always go to beauty schools, which take hours and sometimes turn out a little worse than your spots...all to save a bit of money...

Don't worry. Mr. Bon Jovi is not as good looking as you are by a long shot...even when you have the same hair.

IrisLillie said...

OK... slow to post here... but it dawns on me that the reason she did your hair to the side was to cover those nasty spots.

She knew darn good and well she did a horrible job.

Shame on her. And you're cuter than Bon Jovi.

hol24sing said...

I am sitting her cracking up!! I love that you said.."Seriously, this is what a license professional did to me".. LOL.. you crack me up.. Love hols