Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Recap

Rachel Ray may be the queen of 30 minute meals, but I am the queen of 30 second costumes. Don't be jealous. We all get to be the queen of something. I think my Chiefs Football Player costume was even quicker than the year I pinned my red bandanna to the back of my shirt and went as Super Girl. Looking at myself in this picture, I kind of resemble the run away bride girl in the news... anyone remember her??? She smiles too big too. Well, maybe next year. So Halloween was not my favorite day this year, but since blogs are mostly for happiness and butterflies, I won't go into that and instead I'll tell you what I liked about it.
#1 I got to hear the Ghostbusters theme song on the radio.
#2 I got to see people from church dressed in jeans... that's always fun. (Except for my Bishop, who still wore a suit... maybe he was Clark Kent or something??)
#3 While dressed as a Chiefs Football Player, I came across a baby dressed as a Broncos Cheerleader and I got to brag, "We beat you, we beat you!" Who cares that she probably thought I was saying, "Oh look at you... googly goo." The rivalry lives on!


Jensens said...

Love you smile, love your costume! I didn't see you at the trunk or treat, darn it!

Chrislynn said...

What a surprise to hear from you! I am glad to hear from you and now we can keep up with each other.

Jensens said...

You've been tagged.

candicerail said...

Did you make the baby cry with shame at his loss? I laughed so hard at your rhyme.

jessica said...

I heard the Ghostbusters song on the radio too! Josh was laughing at me because I started singing it really loud and silly as we drove down the 405. I don't care if people saw me and thought I was ridiculous. I was thinking, "You think I'm ridiculous? Huh? You know what's ridiculous? Traffic on the freaking 405!!!! That's what's ridiculous!"

Runaway bride may have had a big smile, but, you are way cuter than her. Though, you were 30 minutes late to your wedding. (Don't even think about blaming that on bridesmaids that take forever to get ready).

As for the baby...well, it deserves the shame it gets. Cheer for the Broncos, be shamed by the Chiefs. That's how life works.