Friday, August 28, 2009

Midnight Radio

Last Saturday night, we were looking up music videos on You Tube. I mentioned to my husband that I heard a song on the radio I liked and shockingly, I thought the DJ said it was by the Killers. I say shockingly, because I think the majority of bands that are popular now days all sound like whiny, emo crap. He begrudgingly agreed to sift through Killers songs to see if we could find the one I liked. After about 10 songs, with no luck, we were truly hating life. I was worried my husband might hurt himself, so I suggested cleansing our palates with a little taste of our favorite 80's Hair Bands. GNR, Bon Jovi and Poison came to our rescue and the minutes turned into hours.
I felt super tired and noticed how late it had gotten. I needed to go to bed, but was too wound up from the sweet tunes. I told Bear I needed to play something mellow, so I could go to sleep. He put on Jewel's Sweet Dreams from her Lullaby album. Right when it started playing, The Bean started kicking like crazy. I told Bear, these are strong enough you might be able to feel them. I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly. I expected the normal baby/possum trick, where all movement suddenly stops, but instead he gave his Dad a good kick. Bear jumped back and was speechless for a moment. It's weird, because up to this point nothing had made me tear up. Not hearing the heartbeat, or seeing the ultra sound, but for some reason having Bear feel the kicks too was extremely emotional for me. Maybe it was just the astounded look on his face, like my wife isn't just getting fat, there's something really in there.
I say The Bean was kicking, because he likes Jewel. Bear says he was kicking, because he was mad we cut off the righteous rock n roll. Either way, the kids got taste!


Scott and Stacia said...

There is just something about sharing all those kicks with dad. I too teared up when Scott first felt Jacen kick (but I also cried at the sound of the heartbeat, and the first ultrasound). I was always putting Scott's hands on my belly. It is honestly amazing to share in the experince of creating something so precious!! Enjoy! Your baby "bean" be here before you know it. And we can't wait to meet him!!

annette said...

Moments like that make the morning sickness worth it.

Candice said...

Hooray. I love it.

By the way, until I wrote your name in my blog, I did not realize that your name was an adjective...Lil Lil Kim, or Lil Bo Peep. Your name denotes one of the smaller, cuter, bears. Not a big ferocious bear.

The Palmers said...

I love it when Daddy can finally feel all the kicking the baby is doing to your insides! Yay!

jessica said...

The Bean and his parents have fine taste in music. Bean's aunt, on the other hand, actually does enjoy The Killers. Though, I've never claimed to like good music.