Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Belly Dance

I went to the doctor today. Apparently I've gained more weight in my fifth month of pregnancy, than in the entire rest of my pregnancy combined. I'm no scientist, but here are my theories as to why.
1. I finally stopped throwing up.
2. Food taste, sounds and smells good to me again.
3. I'm using Rocky Road ice cream as an alternative healing method for other pregnancy related ailments, such as insomnia, sciatica, heat headaches, etc...
I also found out the baby is supposed to pack on the fat and double in weight this next month. Here's to hoping he is the only one doubling in weight.
Last but no least, the highlight of my month is getting to hear The Bean's heartbeat. This time he decided to provide some comical relief. While I was laying on my back and the doctor was searching for a heartbeat, The Bean decided to repeatedly kick directly underneath my belly button, thus causing my belly button to literally bounce up and down. You can add belly button bouncing to the list of things I never thought I'd see my body do.


Candice said...

I have never witnessed a belly button bounce. I remember during my pregnancy, I gave myself permission to eat real mayonnaise. I have never gone back.

jessica said...

I want to hear his heartbeat! I think mom and dad should bring their stethoscope to the wedding in November. Then we can all listen!

IrisLillie said...

Do you think the thing even still works?? I was abused mightily by you kids..