Monday, September 28, 2009

Lil Bits

Bear and I went to our first birthing class today. I was excited. It was fun to get a book and a c.d. and write things in my notebook. Bear even packed us dinner, since I have to go straight from work to class and he has to go straight from class to work. Bear was somewhat less excited to be back in a classroom, but was glad the subject matter was more interesting than math.
It's interesting to me how many different perspectives there are on birth. So many people seem petrified of it. They think it's impossible to do without drugs and wouldn't mind avoiding the whole thing with a c-section . I don't know why, but I'm excited/nervous about it in a great way, like opening night of a play or going sky diving. I'm not sure what to expect, but it makes me smile thinking about it. I'm pretty sure I have my mother to thank for this. She had all three of us at home. My dad delivered us. (Don't worry, he read a book first.) Whenever I asked her about it, she would say it's intense, but nothing to scream over.
My insurance doesn't cover home births and the birthing clinic I want to deliver at is booked till April. (Sorry, but I just can't wait that long.) It looks like it might be a hospital birth for me after all. My mission is to try and make my hospital birth as home birth like as possible. To do this, I might just have to break a few rules, but what are they going to do... kick me out.
On a different note... the following pics are proof that a cat can have an entire side of the bed to himself and will still plop down right on top of your legs.


annette said...

Yes, labor hurts like a mofo, but it's also really fun and exciting! If I ever lose my mind enough to get knocked up again, it won't be the delivery that makes me nervous.

I did have an epidural towards the very end (I was in labor for 35 hours...), but even with the drugs I could feel what was going on. Your mom is right--no need to scream. I didn't even cry. It's pain with a purpose and the most amazing moment of your life occurs after you push the head out, the rest of the body slides out and they place that baby on your chest. All you can think is, "I MADE YOU! And you're BEAUTIFUL!!!" It's awesome. You've got the right attitude.

Candice said...

You are pretty awesome. I did do an epidural, and I felt like I was on vacation. Way to have such an amazing attitude toward something so miraculous.

IrisLillie said...

The thing about hospitals you need to watch out for... is it is NOT to their advantage to let nature take it's course..
Just like that dumb dentist that insisted one could not even begin to have their wisdoms removed with just a local (all 4 of mine and all 4 of Dad's with 2 impacted came out that way) and insisted both of you have general anesthetic, your hospitals will have everyone telling at every turn to take an epidural..

The Bears said...

Mom-I didn't listen to that dentist and I only had a local, so I will be able to withstand the doctors and nurses too. Remember, it's me... the person who has always had a problem with authority. Plus, I'm trying to seek out a hospital and staff that are pro natural birth and will only offer me other options if they feel it is truly necessary. There has to be doctors and nurses like that out there.

IrisLillie said...

This blogger just last night admitted to me that she is being LAZY about updating this blog... I think sternly worded comments are in order to put her back on the right path of regular updates.