Sunday, September 6, 2009


Imperfection. My wife went to sleep around 1 am. Unfortunately for her, I stay up late. It's a work related issue. Right before retiring I had a friend call around 3 am. A fun call, great conversation, perhaps a bit loud. Tried to be quiet, but I'm not good at that on a Sat. night. I don't know if I woke my wife in the other room, but I get the feeling there were moments she woke. After a long talk with the fella's, I realized something. . . .my wife never came out to shut me the hell up! I waited and I waited for the hammer to fall. Wasn't there. I don't know maybe I keep her awake, maybe she has no idea what the heck I'm talking about when she reads this post. But I get the feeling, I broke her slumber a couple times, but being the person she is. . .she let it slide and found a rhythm in my madness, hopefully enough to let her sleep.

A friend asked me earlier tonight how you stay so in love. . . . a bit of Imperfection.


The Bears said...

I sleep the best when I know my boys are home and happy. I'll take falling asleep to Noodle munching on wet food, The Bean kicking and you laughing in the front room, over a quiet and empty house any day.

Candice said...

I cannot picture Lil as a hammer, but it shows superhuman strength not to grumpily tell a husband that the two of you (baby and Mom...or Noodle and Mom) are trying to sleep.

You are both great.