Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Case Study of 38 Weeks

1. The outfit of old sweats and worn college tee seem to be failing miserably at bringing sexy back.
2. The stress seems to have turned the cheery blond hair a much darker shade. Oh well... at least it's not gray and it will hide her roots better as hair appointments are going to become a thing of the past.
3. The once luminous smile has been replaced with an expression of labored breathing. Better get used to that.
4. Though the tee shirt reads XXL it still seems to be too small. Christmas cookies may be at fault. Will have to investigate further.
Final Hypothesis
1. No circles under the eyes or angry grimace on face means at least 11 more days to go.
What's your theory? If you need background info, both my brother and I are in the 6% of babies born on their due date. My sister was a week late according to the doctors due date, but one day early according to my mom's due date for her. Bear and both of his brothers were late. The Bean told me he was coming on the 31st at 11:01pm, so I'm going with that. Bear is thinking 2:16 am on the first. There might be a tiny prize for the winner if I can remember to send it out in my baby induced haze of love and exhaustion.


Heidi said...

I think 12/30 around 12:30 am sounds like a good guess.

Jessica Fields said...

I think he'll come 11am on 12/31....but I think labor will start late in the evening on 12/30.