Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wedding Post #2

Day two of the wedding trip was busy from start to finish. We had setting up to do, last minute things to buy, showers to throw and the rehearsal. Half way through the day, tragedy reared its ugly head.

I thought it would be sweet and symbolic if Jessica and I had people write their wishes for us on balloons and then we released them to the heavens. Sounds simple right.

Well it would have been if the wind didn't change directions at the last second, sending Baby Bear Balloon straight for the trees.

Here we are looking on helplessly. I have to tell everyone over and over again, I'm not superstitious, as the "That can't be good" and "Oh this is a bad sign" comments start flooding in.

After a vigorous tree shaking by my husband and brother, Baby Bear Balloon escapes the trees only to fall victim to the power lines. Superstitious or not, I could not leave. The wedding rehearsal was starting and I was glued to the balloon as he slid closer and closer to the transformer. After many secret prayers (after all it's just a balloon) a train came by, changing the direction of the wind and freeing Baby Bear Balloon yet again. I held my breath as it made it through a maze of more power lines and finally into the desert sky. Inexplicably, I'm blaming pregnancy hormones, I burst into tears. Not just cute ones, but big ugly face sobbing tears. Maybe I'm more superstitious than I thought.

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IrisLillie said...

It was incredibly tense as Baby Bear Balloon slid his mylar body towards those transformers.. He soooo could have shorted out the valley...

I am still not exactly sure how he slid by that poll, transformers, not crossing any of the wires together and just continued down the line until the train set him free...