Tuesday, December 8, 2009

October Showers

In typical Lil fashion, I started worrying about not having a shower the day after I found out I was pregnant. I don't live by any of my girlfriends, my sister, or my mom and I had just switched to a new ward where people didn't know me... so who would throw me a shower? I know some women would be relieved to not go through the ritual of silly games, but I love traditions and I didn't want to miss out. I tried to remind myself there were bigger problems in the world, but the worry lingered in the back of my mind. Not to fear, my friend Ryan (yes... my GUY friend Ryan) asked me if anyone was throwing me a shower. When I told him no, he volunteered. I wandered if he would know what to do, but I was so happy to have a shower that I didn't care if we just got together and watched football.

I wore my maternity shirt that made me look the most pregnant that day. Not something I would need to do now.

The best part about a guy throwing you a shower is that your husband gets to come!

Ryan the hero and his daughter Sabrina. Depending on the day The Bean is born, she will be exactly a year older than him.

My friend Summer and her family. Her husband is Australian, so her little girl Sky has an adorable blend of accents.

Me and Aubrey proving plaid is always in style. Go nineties... anyone want to listen to Alanis?

Aubrey's crew.... Whatever you do, don't turn your back on them. I've heard all the stories!

So Ryan (with a little help from his wife Vickie I'm guessing) pulled out all the stops. He had games (which I lost terribly), prizes, yummy food, cookie decorating, entertainment and PRESENTS!

Thanks Ryan!


Candice said...

Everyone needs a Ryan. What an awesome guy.

The Ollies said...

Ryan did a great job! I can't believe Sky is actually looking at the camera in that picture! By the way, you look great in your 9 mo. pictures. The countdown is on, right?! Good luck with labor and delivery--you will do awesome. I'll be in touch when we get back from our trip!

IrisLillie said...

Speaking as a VERY bitter mother of three that NEVER had even one baby shower... I am glad you had a Ryan.
And for the record... Anyone besides my daughters (& possible daughter in law)... don't bother to invite me to a baby shower..
I won't come.
Still bitter.

IrisLillie said...

Geee... no music... what a dull blog.
Maybe some music that makes me smile, would keep me from posting grumpy thing...

Jessica Fields said...

Hey Mom -

If you have another baby, I'll throw you a baby shower.

I promise!