Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lucky #7

Dear River
Happy seven months baby boy. Right now you are taking a nap. You are trying to sleep off your first illness. You've never been sick a day in your life, then we get your first immunization shot and within 24 hours you have a fever, chest cough, labored breathing and sores on the back of your throat. Hmmm.... glad I didn't have you get more, or get them sooner. Sorry you don't feel good buddy. Even with being sick, you wake up every day with a smile. When you're achy and get fussy, you are a master self soother. Who needs a binkie, when a thumb is so handy? (Get it?)
You also cut your first tooth today. When it rains it pours. The bottom right front tooth made its debut. You don't like us to look at it. You are a master of hiding it with your tongue.
You are super steady sitting up. The doctor tried to knock you over and couldn't. You are a tad bit happier on your belly. You have started pulling your knees under you a bit, but when you push forward, your hands get left behind and you haven't quite figured out how to bring them back up. Take your time little man. Mama likes having you in the same spot she left you in when she has to run to the bathroom.
This month you finally rolled from your stomach to your back. You've been doing the other way for awhile, but would only put your head down and start sucking your thumb, when you wanted off your belly. Not anymore. You just stretch your neck way far back and around, then magically the rest of your body follows.
Your collection of funny noises have grown, as well as the volume. It sounds like you say eight... so we always say nine, ten right after. Maybe you will like math like your Papa Hal? It also sounds like you say add. I tried to get you to add a d and say dad, but you change it to dab. So close buddy. None of your noises sound like mom... oh well... why do you need to say mom, when I am always right there?
My two favorite new things you started doing this month are your grandpa face and your much loves. You suck your lips in and since you have no teeth, oops, I mean one tooth, you look like the cutest old man. You also beat your hand on your chest, right over your heart and then stretch out your arm to me or dad. We always say much love, because it seems like that's what you are trying to say to us.
Of course I still love your raspberries. You do them so much, we call it motorboatin. You've added a delightful new twist... motorboatin while eating. Nothing like a good banana shower to get the day started.
I better publish this. You are going to wake up soon and I am very tired. It's not your fault. You've been sleeping great. It's just hard on a mama seeing her baby sick. I do enjoy the cuddles though. Feel better soon and no more shots for a looong while. Promise.
Love Mama


Hal Fields said...

Don't you mean "lucky number slevin"? Watch out for the Kansas City Shuffle.

Much love,

IrisLillie said...

Awwww, such a tiny baby need so much love when he is sick. I hope maybe things will work out that and I will see you soon.

Candice said...

Much love...I am beating my hand to my chest.

I feel that as you write about your boy.

Erica said...

You are such a good mom!

Jen said...

Speed is a master tooth (teeth now!) hider too. He's so stinkin' cute!!