Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stupid Mom Face

When you're an actor, you have a lot of pictures taken; head shots, stills on set, cast and crew photos, etc... Most likely you are of the personality type who enjoys a nice photo of oneself and is quick to jump into most anyone's picture. As a result of all this experience, you learn your best angles, your good side and how to smile naturally. If you're really good, you learn camera awareness. Being quick to spot a camera insures never being caught off guard in "candid" shots. You might hear expressions like,"Oh my gosh. You look so cute. It's almost like you're posing.", quite frequently. (Who me? Never!)
It's not that you're vain, okay, maybe it's a little that you're vain... but it's mostly because it takes a lot of confidence to make your living in front of a camera. If you're going to be able to sum up the confidence it takes to have a video camera inches from your face day in and day out, having a shoe box full of rocking photos of yourself is helpful.
My point in all this is, I may not be a model, but I know how to take a good picture, or at least I did... until I became a mommy. Suddenly, I've been stricken with Stupid Mom Face. You know, the one where you smile so big your eyeballs are going to pop out of your head, while you try to get the teeny, tiniest smile from your babe. Believe you me, it quickly gets worse and spreads throughout the entire body, as you're child gets older and more distractable. If I knew how to make collages, (anybody care to share) I could fill your computer screen with many an example, however, I'll just leave you with this one lasting image to haunt your dreams. Don't think you're immune. Stupid Mom Face will get you in the end.


Jordan Page said...

A) I think your mom face is adorable, and way more photogenic than mine.
B) Hutch and River are in fact twins...he has that same swim getup.
C) Come on Thursday! I'm paying a babysitter. It's only $2-$3/hr when it's one baby who is asleep, so it's a pretty cheap date.
I figure when he's just home asleep she doesn't have to do anything other than put his binky back in his mouth if he wakes up. Plus, the movie doesn't even start until like 9:30, so you can make sure he's good and asleep. Worst case scenario? You tell her to call you if he wakes up crying and you leave the movie early. It's free anyway. You really should come!...but I know how nerve-racking it is. If you want, you can put River to bed at my house and we can split the babysitter. However, that would probably be more trouble than it's worth, but I'm happy to do it if you'd like!

The Ollies said...

I love it! So true, although I don't think I looked that good in the pre-parenthood photos. You look great!

Candice said...

First, you are a cool Mom who actually puts her head in the water, as opposed to Mom's who wear sunglasses and do not get their hair wet.

Second, I love the descriptions of actors and candid shots. I had no idea.

You are gorgeous, mommy face and all.

Beandip said...

HAHA you're so funny, love it!