Sunday, December 5, 2010

11 Months Young

Someone dared to call my wee babe a toddler the other day. The devil you say! I prefer hefty newborn... thank you very much. The eleventh month has been crazy! Who knew you could fill an entire day cleaning up dvds. The mess in my house in these videos could only mean one thing... Hurricane River... aka... Tidal Wave of Mass Destruction is mobile.

As of November 15th, 2010, River can crawl. He almost always mutters the entire time he crawls. I'm pretty sure he is steam powered. At first he was so slow it almost seemed like he was crawling in place, but to Noodle's dismay, he's quickly getting faster. This video was the second time he crawled.

Barely crawling and he's already trying to walk. He loves this toy, but still needs our help with it. He thinks he's So big when he uses it.

River still loves hand held transportation, especially when he can get his chase on. Thanks Big Noods for being such a good sport.

I was going through this month's pictures and discovered a well documented addiction to this hat. I can't help myself. If River is wearing this hat... I. Must. Get. Camera. Thanks Becca for the world's cutest hand me down. The hat lives on.

He has other hats too, but I prefer the snow pixie look over the gangsta my babe turns into when I put on this hat. Unless we're walking in dangerous neighborhoods. Ya better recognize!

River finally got a pair of shoes this month. He isn't the biggest fan of wearing them. We just figured they would help keep his socks on during winter. Please note cute wizard socks.

I thought our shoes looked cute lined up together. Brown anyone?

At 11 months River is crawling, clapping, and climbing every moment he is awake. His sleeping schedule is usually 7pm-7:30 am or 7:pm-6:30 am (nurse) and then back to bed till 8:45 am. This all goes out the window when he's teething. Right now he's getting four teeth on top. The two fangs (told you he was part vampire) have cut through and the two front teeth are almost there. This means multiple extra wake-ups. I give him a few minutes and sometimes he can calm himself back to sleep, but most of the time I end up nursing him back to sleep. I know this is a no-no, but nothing else works. River has realized the extent of the power his sad face has over us and we went through a whole day of him not letting me set him down. In his defense, he is teething and in my defense... well... I'm just a sucka! He dances anytime he hears music. He stands up and sings the hymns at church and I'm pretty sure he's part wizard. He is always pointing things at me and shouting words that sound like Kissiumus. He must be a talented wizard too, because I can't stop kissing him when he does this.

River says enough of this Mamarrazi! I am having a love/hate relationship with him growing up. I love seeing his bravery, his success and the joy he gets from learning new things, but does it have to keep going by so fast? See you all too soon for the One Year Post. Crazy! Now please excuse me, I have 72 messes to clean up before I hit the sack.


susan said...

Yeah you finally put some things on your blog! I was having blogwithdrawal! I think I just made up a word! River is soooooo cute! All those teeth! And Lil I swear you are the best writer! So darn witty! River is really on the go, crawling, and buzzing around the room with his dad! And the world famous Noodle made an appearance. Love you all!

IrisLillie said...

Awwwww, what else is there to say??

Candice said...

You make me laugh so hard. I LOVE your non-toddler. He is so lucky to have such a cool Mom.

Jordan Page said...

A) You are hilarious, I love how you write. B) Honestly, I'm just going to cut and paste your entry for Hutch's this month. TWINNERS! And I hear you about the teething-wake-up-nurse-back-to-sleep thing. For me I just hand him a bottle, but it's still horrible but nothing else works! I keep telling myself he'll get back to normal once the teeth are in...right? So cute, love that little River!

Beandip said...

I love the videos and pics of my homeboy! Thanks for doing this Mommy. I just had to catch up, I miss him! And you guys of course. River is the cutest of the cutest and that's the truth!!!