Monday, March 12, 2012

I Always Think The Song Is About Me

It's true... I am vain.  The worst part is, I think I passed the trait on to my child... though his vanity expresses itself in vastly cuter ways than mine.  Oh... and he's two... so it's allowed.

The following video is River's favorite activity... acting out home movies of himself, while they play on the television... after all, no one is more entertaining to River than River.

I Love Him!


IrisLillie said...

Hmmmm, guess I am glad he's not quite ready to be driving my car.

annette said...

My children are vain too! Between Grayson's "Army of Graysons" that he bosses around and Avery's need to flirt with herself in the mirror...I'm starting to believe there's nothing stronger than the Performer Gene.

River's gorgeous. He SHOULD be vain.

Jessica Rudder said...

So adorable!

I love those curls of his.

I wish we could all keep that childlike sense of wonder.