Friday, September 7, 2012

Friends at Bear Lake

Fun with friends continues and this time we head up north to Bear Lake!  It gets an exclamation point, because I was born there.  One of my favorite families, the Mills, own a cabin up there and were super generous in letting me use it for the week.  We invited some friends and River was overjoyed to have someone to play with 24/7.  Our friends couldn't all be there at the same time, so we had two phases: The Hutch Phase and The Rocky Phase.


Hutch was born about 3 weeks after River and they've been hanging out ever since.  They are starting to look different now, but were seriously twinners for a long time.  Hutch is a sporty little guy and ever since this trip, River has wanted to jump off of everything by himself... really, really high things. 

They had a ton of fun on this play set at the cabin.  I was so happy to pull up and see toys for kids!!!

 They also liked to wrestle in the grass and squish apricots on their arms and roll over yelling "Yucky!"  I'm not going to lie, it was pretty entertaining to me too.

Bath time after the lake and squishy apricots.  Sadly, I have no pictures of us actually at the lake, but bathtub pictures are priceless.

Sometimes they play like naughty brothers and get into toy hoarding wars, but Hutch always brings a smile to River's face.  It was so fun to have them with us.  I have no pictures of me and Jordan, but it was super fun to have some girl's time too.

 We had one night in between with just the two of us and even though River kept asking for his friends, we had some really great snuggling time.  It was so nice to be away from my house and responsibilities and distractions and just be able to focus 100% on my babe.  He melts my heart.  This is a picture of his newest addiction "shower baths".  Please don't inform the green police on us... we use a lot of water for these babies.


Rocky is the son of my longtime college friends Aaron and Danielle.  He is about four months older than River and always has something new to teach him... even if it is "What's the password Mama?"  They have similar temperaments and usually get along super well.

They also both have killer eye lashes... no, I'm not jealous at all... no really!

Thanks to Danielle, I do have lake pictures this time and I'm not afraid to post them. Take a deep breath and get ready, because there are a lot!

I'm not really taller than her, I'm standing on a bit of a sand bank.  I thought to myself, "I'm already huge compared to her, I might as well go the extra mile."

Slide races!

Free ice cream tokens!  I think Aaron and Danielle have to come on all my vacations... or better yet, I think I need to come on all of theirs.

This picture makes me want to have twin boys, but since I already have another boy on the way, I think I will keep my fingers crossed for twin girls.  Can you name twin girls Finn and Sawyer, because that is what I would name twin boys if I had them.

River insisted on riding on my shoulders when he saw Rocky on Aaron's.  My seven month pregnant body is really missing Bear right here.

Free slushy tokens... please see above ice cream caption.  What flavor do you think River picked out of the huge long list of options... Why Bear Lake Monster's Blood of course.

Why does he look like a teenager ready to go surfing in this picture?

Can you tell we had waaaaay tooo much fun?  When we arrived back at our apartment, River started crying and asking for "Nother one house."  I think he thought we had moved.  I wish!  Luckily the prospect of seeing his dad calmed him down, but he sure was bummed the next day to wake up and not have his friends around.  I'm lucky to have good friends here in Salt Lake and even luckier they come with boys my sons age!

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