Friday, February 22, 2013


On February 3, 2013 we had Ash blessed at The Fairmont Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  His grandfather Hal Fields blessed him and in the circle was Aaron Taylor, Marcel Giles, Kyle Oler and Josh Flade.

It was a record setting day for baby blessings.  At one point, they thought we were going to have five.  We ended up having three blessings and two confirmations.  After they were done, we only had about 10 minutes left for testimonies.  Our ward is full of new babies right now.  It really feels like Heavenly Father is sending down the troops.

Ash's blessing was beautiful.  I know, because I recorded it and have watched it about fifteen times.  He was blessed with patience, wisdom and courage.  All things I need to work on, so I can help these blessings come to be.  Or maybe he will help me learn them.  The part of the blessing that sticks out to me the most is he was blessed to be a fountain of joy to his family.  That has already happened.  His smile and the face he makes when he sleeps have already filled my soul with joy and delight.

We were so blessed that my parents could come into town for the blessing and to meet Ash for the first time.  I am so grateful my dad is able to bless him.  I am also thankful my mom bought him this adorable blessing outfit.  He looks so cute.  I want to dip him in glitter and hang him on a Christmas Tree.  Sorry for the picture overload.  I mean... you're welcome for the picture overload.  Who would want to look at this face just once?

I think this is what he must have looked like in the circle.  I know it's not very reverent of me, but if they allowed it, I'd hang a camera from the ceiling of the chapel just to know for sure.

This is how River felt about the whole thing.  Just kidding, but he was definitely worn out.

Ash and his pops.

Nothing better than a baby falling asleep in your arms.

Ash and Nomee together at last.  Hurricane Sandy couldn't keep them apart forever.

A family shot... we're almost all smiling.  The next picture that we took features River rolling a car across Ash's head and Ash crying.  Guess we better stop here.

I love my family.  I am blessed.


Jessica Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! That 3rd picture of Ash (2nd in the grouping) where he's making the 'coo' face is so cute!

Also, the one below that where he's "steepling" his fingers (a total power move) and looking at the camera like it's about time to give you an employee evaluation....Cuteness overload.

I'm also totally digging River's curls in these photos.

Hal Fields said...

Beautiful boys! You know, one of the funnest things for me on that visit was all the rides I took in the back seat of your van with Ash riding in the middle seat turned backwards facing me. All the smiles and bubbles, and mugging for me alone.


The Bears said...

He loved having you back there Dad. Rides are so much more fun when you aren't looking at a seat.

Scott and Stacia said...

That blessing outfit is adorable!! Where did they find it?? Believe me when I say finding boy blessing outfits is a hard task.