Thursday, March 7, 2013

Full Circle

In many ways the pressure to have a second child was worse than when I had my first.  Of course I wanted another baby.  I knew my family wasn't complete.  I could vaguely see these little faces on the other side of the veil waiting to be with us.... but more than that.... yes, even more than that...  I really wanted River to have a sibling.  Love em, hate em, best of friends, drive each other crazy or all of the above, he would have someone to travel this world with.  His stories, traditions, inside jokes and crazy relatives would match another's.  I wanted that so badly for him and every day that passed I grew more nervous that it wouldn't happen, or they would be too far apart in age to be close.

Then a year ago... March 8th... a faint pink line.  An amazingly beautiful pale pink line of sweet relief.  I was pregnant.  River would have a sibling.  I had the proof in hand.  I was so happy.  I knew I was on the cusp of being very, very sick and nerves about post partum issues would soon roll in, but in that moment, there was nothing but pure high-pitched squealing, tip-toe dancing happiness... and I hadn't even met him yet.

My sweet Baby Ash.

It's about time I shared Ash's newborns... Thank you Melissa Sue Photography.



Iris said...

Beautiful pictures ..wished I could have seen him when he was that tiny.

Jessica Lynn said...

Sugar overload!

I miss his squishy (not so) little self so much.

Scott and Stacia said...

those are such beautiful pictures!! i love them all!!