Friday, December 5, 2008

Movie Post: The Sequel

It would be impossible to put every highlight of the movie in a post, so I am writing about what I will remember most. This movie gets the honor of being the first time I've felt my age. Maybe it's because I was turning 30 in less than a month, but man was my body tired. For hours one end, we would have to run and throw ourselves up in the air and onto the ground when the director would yell "BOMB". The picture above is an example and the special affects will be added in later. I was filming with two actors, Stacy 17 and Solo 14, for most of the running and bombing parts. I started to notice, after about the fifth bomb, they were still bouncing up and I had to push myself up with my hands like an old granny. Watching it played back to me on the dailies was even more embarrassing. Then the next day, I asked the kids if they were sore, as I hobbled down the stairs in pain. No. Not at all. Not even a little! I had to remind myself I am literally twice their age, just to make myself feel better.
I love any kind of action in movies. It is my favorite stuff to film. I did a movie about three years ago with tons of action and never got sore or tired. There can't possibly be that big of a difference between 27 and 30. Can there??? Maybe I was just sick? Yes, that must be it.

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candicerail said...

I feel your pain. Can three years make a difference? Yes, yes it can.