Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Movie Post

This is Bear as "Luc" flying green screen style. It's harder than it looks people, but not as hard as falling green screen style. Believe me, I know.

Luc had to have short hair and had to have this goatee thing. I don't mind the short hair, but definitely do NOT miss the goatee. It did make him look quite devlish though.

Here he is corrupting the children. Type casting at its finest.

This is "Duck". I kept trying to adopt him, but apparently his real mom can actually cook, so he's staying with her. Whatever! Don't you think he looks like a young Brad Pitt in "A River Runs Through It".
This is my husband changing a tire in a freak snow storm. Wouldn't you know we'd get a flat tire on the only day of bad weather.

This is me and my red nose inside the van while my husband dealt with the tire issue. It's nice to be a girl sometimes.

Okay... the jigs up. This is what we were really doing in Montana. Just kidding. If you want to see more from the movie, go to There is a synopsis of the movie and lots more pictures. It is an awesome project, with a very bright future. If any of you want to tap into your inner movie producer, I would be glad to give you information on investing.


IrisLillie said...

Well, his short hair is "ok", mainly because it is so thich and full... but I agree with you 100%, good riddance to that facial hair.

Brad Pitt says he's trying to bring back mustaches... I wish him NO LUCK at all on that endeavor.

candicerail said...

I loved your comment about Elder Wirthlin. He will be missed. I love him dearly.

I love this post! I spent an hour on the Pilgrim Production website watching you run in your overall shorts, while your husband sang and danced very evilly (I know that is not a word...maybe it is, just spelled poorly).

I want to watch that movie. The plot is interesting. I am even more interested in seeing you and Mr. Bear perform. From what I saw, you both were awesome.