Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crab Apple

That's me lately! Yesterday I was complaining, because none of my friends and family live near me. I felt like calling each and every one of them and saying, "I'm bored. Come play with me." I mean, you can only be a bookworm so many days in a row, before you need to get out and mix it up a little. I wonder why it is so hard to make new friends at this age? Maybe everyone is too busy with kids? That must be it. It can't just be me.
Then today... I had just said to my husband, "I am so glad I don't close tonight.", when the phone rang and it was a very sick coworker asking me to close for her. Does service still count if you do it begrudgingly? There are some that say no. Well I hope it does. Now that its over, I am glad I helped her out, but at the time, not so much.
Hopefully tomorrow, I will be more sweet than sour, but every now and then a crab apple just tastes good.


annette said...

I know what you mean about trying to make friends at this age. MLC and I can't figure out how to do it. That's why I'm friends with my personal library and my Tivo.

Jensens said...

We've always got plenty of action at our house, you're welcome to come over any time;)
I've been somewhat of a crabapple myself. This time of year is difficult, too. The weather is teasing us, everyone is sick, it's rough.
I hope that service counts if it's a little begrudgingly, because I do that a lot (I am trying to work on that.)

IrisLillie said...

Join a bowling League. Shane figures Bear needs the practice. He is looking forward to you two making a summer visit so he can "STOMP" Bear.

Of course the secret to beating Shane is just wait till he is on his second pitcher of beer and then you can just sit back and laugh.

Candice said...

I love the crabapple analogy.

I am one of those with children...okay child, and I get bored and lonely too. I'll be your friend. I am already in your fan club so it will not be a difficult transition.

I am interested in the after gratitude concept of service. Does that count? Or is your blessing merely that gratitude?

Annette said...

For some reason I just can't picture you as a crabapple, but I know we all get that way sometimes...You can be my friend..I get very lonely with my husband always out of town. But then of course I am older than you at least on the outside anyway. Hope you get happy again....