Monday, March 16, 2009

Popcorn Popping

This is why I love teaching in Primary.
Don't get me wrong, I miss all the wonderful insights and in-depth scripture study that comes from teaching adults, but I don't know if it could ever surpass a heartfelt declaration of righteousness from a cute five year old named Jackie. She ran up to me after Sacrament Meeting and gave me this note. The enthusiasm of the primary children is contagious. Even Bear now loves the Popcorn song, after he witnessed a rousing rendition by my friends three year old son. Keep doing what your doing parents. It's working.


Drew said...

Keep doing what you are doing, Lil. Sarah is only in nursery, yet I am amazed at what she has learned...including the Popcorn Song (her popcorn bursts from her arms like bullets). While I am sure that Bear does a great Popcorn Popping, I officially challenge him to a 'Pop Off' against Sarah.

Sarah has learned who Jesus is, kindness, manners, and cooperation. She has learned to color, and about family, and the world. These are just the traits that I see from a child without language. Who knows what other lessons she has.

I believe, and still believe that we need our best people in Primary. I am glad that your ward is instituting the 'best person' policy.

By the way, I am glad that someone like you wrote to HBO. You have a way with writing, and a great mind and heart. You are the kind of person that I would want to represent our feelings to HBO.


Jensens said...

That is so sweet! They are lucky to have you. It is amazing how these little children are so innately good and pure. I often wonder if they still have glimpses of their life before they came here.

Jessica Fields said...

They really are the cutest at that age!

I was waiting around for a YW presidency meeting to start and I had a chance to talk to Lindy's daughter.

I asked her what they talked about in Sunbeams that day and she said, "Jesus."

I said, "Do you know Jesus loves you?"

She looked at me like I had just asked the most ridiculous questions and said, "Yeah. Jesus loves EVERYONE."

It's amazing to see the faith that small children have in great and simple things before the world has confused them and made the simple things seem so complicated.

IrisLillie said...

I wish I could get all the kids in this house to go to church....