Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've been a tad remiss in blogging duties of late. To tell the truth, I've been slightly neglecting other responsibilities as well. It all started last Friday when I borrowed a copy of Twilight from my friend Marnie. I read the book in one night and was thirsting for more. I was supposed to go over to Marnie's house on Saturday and get the next book, but a terrible thing happened. Marnie had her baby 3 days early and was going to be in the hospital till Monday. The thirst was overwhelming and I was not going to make it. Luckily, I have an awesome husband who volunteered to drive to the hospital, pick up their keys, drive to their house, pick up the books, go back to the hospital to deliver the keys and come back home with the other three books. No more of this one at a time business for me. He says it's because he loves me the most, I say it's because I was two seconds away from going to Barnes and Noble and buying the whole series.
I know everyone read these books a year ago. I didn't put off reading them, because I thought they were silly and I wouldn't like them. No, I put off reading them, because I knew I would like them too much! Before you judge me, please know my obsession with vampires is not a new thing. From the moment I watched Dark Shadows as a child, I knew I wanted to be a vampire when I grew up. I've seen every vampire movie out there and most are sadly lacking, but my favorites have always been the ones with some good vampires involved-Lost Boys, Interview and for my family-Blade (but only on Christmas.) That being said, none of these good vampires could have prepared me for Edward.
I was expecting to like the books. I was not expecting for the books to turn me into a vampire. I don't eat. I don't sleep. I'm very pale and have dark circles under my eyes. I haven't checked a mirror, but I'm sure I look sexier than I ever have before. All the signs, I know. I read all four books in five days, some how still managing to make it to church and work and doctor's appointments. Even as I was devouring the pages, I wanted to stop, slow down, make the sweetness last a little longer, but I was no match for the hunger.
Now that the books are done, I've tried to fulfill my needs in any way possible. I watched the movie. I took the quizzes. It just hasn't been the same. The movie only made me angry they cast Kristen Stewart, who has all the charisma of a flip-flop, as Bella, when they should have cast me. The quizzes just made me sad. At work, all I could think of was how I could find a way back into my magical land. Not that I'm not happy in South Salt Lake, but magical vampire land is so much cooler. Then my loving husband saved the day. Completely not intimidated by Edward, he went to the Stephanie Meyer's website and found me part of another book to read. He made me promise not to read it tonight, as I have work very early in the morning, but he didn't say I couldn't blog about it. I love my husband so much. He's the most thoughtful person in the whole world. Don't get jealous Edward. I said person, not vampire. *wink*wink*


Kizzie said...

Ah, yes...I didn't read them for a while just because it's not typically my kind of book, from what I'd heard.
But I loved them! And I too read the unfinished one online.
Bella was SO disappointing in the movie. Ugh!
I'm trying to decide if I want to buy the movie. I've heard the extras are awesome!

annette said...

Midnight Sun is soooo goooood. I think I sat in front of the computer for 6 straight hours devouring it.

That said, the only cure I've found for Edward withdrawal is starting the series over again. Once you get through the books the second time, you might be ready to join the real non-sparkly world.

annette said...

PS Your husband is awesome.

Candice said...

I am laughing so hard. Even your descriptive words were vampirish "I read the book in one night and was 'thirsting' for more."

I agree about the flip flop charisma of Kristen Stewart. You, especially in your pale, sexy state, would have made a much better Bella.

Scott and Stacia said...

Hey Lil, have you ever thought of being a writer? I just love reading your blog! I have not been commenting because I am usually feeding one, or both of my children while I catch up on everyones blogs. I do however want to thank Bear for including us in his "good things" list (way back when). We love you guys!!

Beandip said...

Forget the vampires for now and check out my blog! YAY I finally did it!

Chrislynn said...

I'm with Annette. I just started reading them for the second time, and I already want to read them again. I dreamt that Stephanie Meyer was at my house and we had a long talk about the books. It is an obsession! (But a fun one).

Annette said...

Okay, I have not read the books yet, partly for the very reason you talked about..when I read good books my life stops around me..I am still trying to find the time for this. What a sweet husband, you had me laughing at your description of how bad you wanted the next kind of him to go to so much work to get them for you..Have not seen the movie either..but I will do both, Callie is re-reading Twilight and said I could borrow it when she is done, but I think I had better have all of them on hand so I don't go crazy..thanks for the advice..