Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thinking Back

Today's April Fool's Festivities have me reminiscing a simpler time. Memories trudged up from thirteen years ago, when I was a lowly college freshman. (13 years! I could have been a doctor twice by now. Sad face!!!) Anyway, back to my point. The details are a bit sketchy and I'm not even sure it occurred on April Fool's Day, but of one thing I am absolutely positive- It was the greatest practical joke of all time.

The location was a college dorm, Uintah Hall (now called Snow Hall) to be exact. The time was night. Is there any other time when your in college? My friend Aubrey and I were itching for something besides homework to do. Then we had an idea. Where it came from, I can't say... It just came and could not be ignored.
This is when we changed into white t-shirts and began cutting away. Armed with fake blood and a giant butcher knife, we headed towards the only elevator. Once inside, we staged a grisly scene of blood, bodies and a dripping knife. We even went so far as to place a bloody hand print on the elevator wall, which smeared down to where my hand lay.... and then we waited.
Group after group of unsuspecting students were horrified as the elevator doors opened and they witnessed what they believed to be a gruesome murder. We always ended up laughing while they screamed, abruptly ending the charade, but their reactions were priceless. We could have kept it up all night, but then the doors opened on a shy Japanese foreign exchange student. She didn't stop screaming when we started laughing. In fact, she started screaming louder. She kept on screaming as we chased her down the hall apologizing, then dove into her room and locked the doors. We never could get her to come out.

I learned my lesson that night. Some things are funny. Some things are mean, but still funny and lastly, if you do something mean and funny enough, they will write an article about you in the Utah Statesmen.


Candice said...

You would have been the funnest roommate-ever. Bear is so lucky.

IrisLillie said...


Who raised you???

Beandip said...

HAHAHA LOL! I love that story, I had never heard that one. I can't believe you actually did that!