Saturday, April 4, 2009


Obsessive Cullen Disorder-Yes I still have it. Bad. In an attempt to find a cure, I took Annette's advice post haste and began rereading the series. I am managing a more normal pace this time, but am still not close to recovery. I'm reminded of a time in a book store where I overheard a little girl telling her mom that she was only happy when she was reading Harry Potter. At the time, I silently laughed at her melodramatic declaration. I liked Harry Potter as much as the next person, but ONLY happy when reading Harry Potter, that was a little much. This is me the pot, "Hey kettle, you're black.".
I just finished New Moon again. This book is hard for me to read for two reasons. First, I've had my heart broken and it is no fun reading details that are so accurate, they can't help but dredge up old memories. Secondly, Edward is absent for hundreds of pages. I'm trying to read at a more leisurely pace, but I get a little panicky until he comes back into the story. Which would explain why I once again did not go to sleep till 6:00 this morning.
I watched the movie again. Yes, I bought it, but with a gift card left over from Christmas, so don't judge me. It wasn't so bad the second time around. By not comparing it so much to the book, I actually really enjoyed it. I still did not love Kristen Stewart. As a girl with brown eyes, I can't help but be personally offended that a role was finally written for girl with brown eyes and they cast someone with green eyes and put contacts on her. I don't have high hopes for New Moon. Too much Kristen Stewart, not enough Robert Pattinson equals bad combination.
All in all, my O.C.D. came at the perfect time. After two full years of suffering through Obsessive Baby Get Your tiny bum down here right Now Disorder, or as I call it, OBGYN disorder, the Cullens have provided a nice distraction. Everyone keeps saying all I have to do to have a baby is not think about it so much, so instead I will now be putting all my focus on getting cast in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn. Universe I have decided and now my wish is your command. Please and thank you.

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Candice said...

Once again, I am laughing out loud. I love your use of acronyms. The OBGYN was excellent.

6:00 in the morning. Wow, that is serious OCD.