Thursday, April 30, 2009


Anything I write now will be anti-climatic, so I'm not even going to try to be cute and clever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your comments made me cry and it's too early to be pregnancy hormones, so they really were THAT sweet.
I'm stealing these fun facts from my sister's blog It has been 22 days (according to my best guess) since conception, so my babies hearts have begun to beat and they have their own circulatory system and blood type. I have to rely on my sister for this kind of information, because I picked a really inconvenient time to swear off non-fiction books.
Speaking of books, ironically enough, I was reading Sarah by Orson Scott Card when I found out I was pregnant. Sarah is based on Sarah from the Old Testament who was barren until she was really old and then miraculously conceived Isaac. Truly I had just thought to myself, "Man, I ain't got nothin' on Sarah. What am I complaining about." Then I went and took the pregnancy test and wala! (Is that how you spell wala? whalah? walla?)
As for not calling any of you and telling you the news personally, I am an equal opportunist. I made everyone read it on my blog. I didn't even tell my mom or sister. There is just no good segue into saying I'm pregnant, so I opted out of the conversation route. Besides I'm not one who is known for telling the same story over and over again. Oh wait, I am, but I was short on minutes and my cell phone hurts my head.


Scott and Stacia said...

Hey there :) I wanted to share with you 2 websites I just loved when I was pregnant, and Both will send you a weekly email update of your babies development. They actually still send me info on where Jacen should be...but I think that it is more fun for the pregnancy part. They also have forums with the moms due around the same time you are (I will worn you there is a lot of drama involved). Also sign up with Babies R Us and all so you get free stuff and coupons sent to your house.
One more bit of advice, register for your baby everywhere you love to shop. You will get a 10% off coupon in the mail for any item on your registry that was not purchased for you (I know Target does anyway). Okay I think that is all for now (Wow I sound like a pro...too bad I didn't register for Brycen).

Candice said...

So fun. I think of Sarah as well as Rebekah often. Two idols of mine. My little Sarah was even named after Princess Sarah/Queen Sarah, Abraham's wife. I had almost forgotten.

annette said...

I am so incredibly happy for you both! Good luck with the upcoming months and I look forward to hearing about your pregnancy and birth adventures.


Jessica Fields said...

It's "voilĂ " and it comes from French. In French, I guess it means something along the lines of "Look there!"