Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Sunshine Patriot

Never one to pass up an opportunity to be labeled a dangerous, crazy, religious, right-wing extremist, I pulled on my thermals and headed out to my local Tea Party. It was wet. It was cold. It was exhilarating. I was glad for a venue to share my beliefs of small government and fiscal responsibility. I was thankful no one seemed to be angry, just fervent in their beliefs and this gave me hope for a brighter future.
Is it true the Department of Homeland Security has labeled people attending the Tea Parties as right-wing extremist that need to be watched. I wonder what the British labeled our forefathers? No matter, I lived in Los Angeles in 2004 and campaigned for President Bush. I am used to being called all sorts of vile, repulsive names for having a difference of opinion. What's a few more?
I didn't plan far enough ahead to make a sign, but if I had, I would have stolen my sisters idea and written, "Congress Get a New ATM. I'm Out." My favorite sign at the gathering said, "1776 or 1984... You Decide." Hopefully all the parties were as positive as Salt Lake's.


Candice said...

Yay for Lil! I am so glad that you went! I will take some of that name calling too. If believing in the principles that led you to a tea party begats getting called names, then I deserve some of those names too.

I am in good company.

I am glad that it was not an angry meeting. Go Salt Lake.

Annette said...

Yeah, for you...My government hand-out account is empty too!

IrisLillie said...

I went... I went... Only I was at the one in Kansas City, at the Liberty Memorial (good choice of locations, don't ya think). We had about 5,000 people there.
No name calling. Everyone was great. Good fun. Kansas City Star gave a pretty good account.
The TV channels, on the other hand low balled the attendence and downplayed the story.
I also went to an noon one in Lee's Summit. We had 500 at that one. Not bad for a small city with only word of mouth invites.
Great Speakers at the smaller one.