Monday, April 13, 2009

Moving On

I decided I had to post something new, because I was sick of looking at the gross picture of my leg. I had my stitches removed today and the dang thing just ripped wide open. I think I will skip the doctor next time and go to a seamstress.
Nothing much to report. I finished reading the Twilight series again and as feared, I am not ready to let them go. Good thing I have a back up plan. My friend Becca, who begged me to read Twilight for months, called and said, "As much as I thought you should play Bella, you HAVE to play Katniss from Hunger Games." I'm narcissistic, so this caught my attention. Maybe a good book is just the cure for my addiction to good books. Sort of like the hair from the dog that bit you theory.
Even though it is by far my favorite, I didn't reread Midnight Sun. It's just too painful when it cuts off in the middle. Please Stephenie Meyer, for the sake of all that's good and holy, please finish it someday. I'll be your best friend. It's a good thing I'm moving on. Bear had started referring to Edward as Ed-Nerd. That can't be a good sign. So no more Twilight posts until New Moon comes out in November... oh and I'll let you know when I get cast in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn of course.
People with easy gag reflexes, do not continue past this point. Okay, I warned you. I just have to mention, I love how Breaking Dawn ends. After Edward is able to read Bella's mind, she says, "Now you know, no one has ever loved anyone as much as I love you." and Edward says, "I can think of one exception." and Bella says, "Liar." It reminds me of mine and Bear's oldest argument... who loves whom the most. Which by the way, I love you the most. Noodle says so. Now shut it!

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IrisLillie said...

If indeed the cut did rip "wide open".. for the sake of your beautiful leg, may I suggest you go to the drug store and purchase some butterfly bandaids, pinch the thing shut again, and tape it??