Friday, April 24, 2009

Here She Is...

The little girl whose early arrival nearly kept me from reading the rest of the Twilight Series...
Sofia Grace Estrada
(By the way, she was this close to being Sofia Bella Estrada, but I lost the vote. Apparently some people think it had too many vowels.)
She is lovely and very tiny. She weighs a 1/3 of what my cat weighs. She was born March 20th, 2009, the first day of Spring... quite possibly the best day for a new baby to arrive.

Here's the family... Bert, Marnie and Sofia.

My cute husband, who did not even come close to dropping her.

Me and Sofia... She whispered secrets in my ear, but I promised not to tell.

Her parents thought it would be fun if all their close friends and family painted a flower in Sofia's nursery. Mine is the purple lily. Bear's is the giant mutant rose with the tiger killer bug and the green smudge from their cat Pixie. Needless to say, we are better actors than painters and we won't be offended if we get painted over.


Beandip said...

I love your paintings! What a neat idea. Thanks for posting pics of her, congrats to Bert and Marnie!

Kevin Doyle said...

you can never have too many vowels.