Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best Shot

If you are friends with me on facebook, be prepared for a daily (maybe twice daily) request to vote for River in the Gerber contest. I know that it is a long shot and there is most likely some gigantic Italian family out there, with every second or third cousin voting daily, but you miss every shot you don't take, so I really want to give this my best shot.
You all know River is beautiful, but he will also one day lead this nation, so you can consider this vote an investment in your future. When he is President, you can say.... I helped send that man to college. I will share credit with you, after all, it really does take a village.
I've been getting a few critiques on the picture I chose to submit. First, I want to say I really like this picture. Second, the rules are it had to be taken by me (aka not the best photographer armed with only a tiny point and shoot camera)and it had to be taken recently (you try and get an 18 month old to smile directly at the camera. If you are okay with the photo and want to do me the kindness of voting, click HERE. Thank you and I promise not to do anymore of these for a long, long time.

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Scott and Stacia said...

Thought about putting my kids pictures in the contest...but apparently Jacen is now too old and Brycen may be cute but he will only smile when he wants...anyway I didn't do it. Good luck to you!!