Friday, July 1, 2011

June 31st!

That's right.. River gets a half birthday after all. Please tune into our reality show A Day In The Life Of An 18 Month Old Sensation!
7:00 am The cat wakes me up, because he wants to eat. This was cute pre-baby... not so much anymore.
7:50 am Finally dozing back to sleep after the cat wake up. I know most people would get up and get a head start on breakfast, but I relish every ounce of sleep like a drowning person relishes oxygen.
8:13 am I hear River saying Boo over the monitor. I decide to keep my eyes shut for one more minute, since he is happy and giggling. During that minute, I say a little prayer of gratitude that ever since he started taking only one nap back in February, he sleeps in longer in the morning. I take a deep breath and greet my little man for the day.

9:00 am River is finally eating breakfast. I sneak away for a second and get dressed in my workout clothes.

9:30 am River is dressed and we are heading out of the door for our morning walk, when I smell something funny. That diaper sure didn't last long.

9:45 am We make it out for our morning walk. It takes ten times longer now that he knows the signs for stop and go. Every time he signs stop, I stop the stroller and every time he signs go, we go. I wonder if I look schizophrenic, since most people probably don't understand I am taking silent commands from my child. As I pass my Bishop's and Stake President's house, I wonder if walking your kids constitutes wearing workout clothes... then I decide I'm too hot to care and at least my run sensor makes me seem more legit.
10:30 am We make it back to the apartment, but now we must run laps around the car. I rethink my decision of stopping my run sensor, as I know I've at least added another half mile in circles. I also contemplate whether the half days worth of shade the tree gives my car is worth the sap and bird poop covering my car. I also decide to think of the bird poop as remains of an oreo cookie fight, because not only will I be less grossed out by my car, but I'll probably eat less oreo cookies as well.
10:50 am After a head bonk on the driveway, from an escape attempt, we make it back into the apartment... almost.

11:00 am I am already wiped out by the heat and it's not even the hottest part of the day yet. River, however, is ready for some playtime and is loving the big red bucket I won yesterday. What I thought was going to be a fun container for ice cold beverages, has become a pretend washing machine and a basketball goal for fruit snacks.

11:30 am It's time for the free lunch program in the park. We head back out in the heat and I realize halfway to the park, I am still wearing my workout clothes from this morning. Oh well... being at the park with an 18 month old is a workout! On the menu today is the oh so healthy American staple of... nachos?

11:32 am Now we are onto our current favorite park activities... walking backwards and throwing sticks in the stream... thankfully not at the same time. I think I got him to sit still and eat for a total of 1 minute and 38 seconds. Since the food isn't so healthy today, I decide not to worry too much about it and just feed him a banana later.

12:45 pm Back inside my apartment and so pooped. Thank goodness it's time to wake up Bear. I hand River off and finally go to the bathroom.
1:00 pm I realize I am zoning and magically pop back into reality right at nap time. We put River down, despite his urgent pleas to stay up. He cries heartily for 15 seconds and then all is calm.
1:15 pm Ignoring many other items on my to do list, I finally get my behind to the gym. I am still in my workout clothes, so might as well. I realize I forgot my running sensor, so I lift weights instead. This girl don't run, unless the miles get added.
2:10 pm Back from the gym... I almost made it an hour (good enough) and I switch off with Bear. We sound really athletic right now. I decide to get stuff done, but check my email first and 45 minutes go by.
3:00 pm Computer stuff makes me tired and since River is still sleeping, I decide to see if I can sneak in a nap.
3:10 pm I hear River say Eeee Ohhh on the monitor. Dang!

The rest of the day.... I lose steam in the video department. Somehow, I get dinner on the table at five. I'm pretty sure Signing Time was involved. I force two bites down River's throat and we change into swimming suits and head off to Liberty Park to splash in the Seven Canyons fountain and escape our hot apartment.

7:30 pm We head back home and throw River in the tub. We give him his teething homeopathics and gel. We brush his teeth. We run around the house chasing his naked body, trying to put on lotion and get his diaper on before he pees. We don't get his diaper on before he pees. Bear pulls out the trusty carpet spray and I tackle River and finally get him diapered. Did I mention, my apartment is really hot and I've worked up a nice sweat... good thing I went from workout clothes to a swimsuit. My goal for tomorrow is to wear a bra, but only if it is under 90 degrees.

8:00 pm Pajamas, storytime and eventually.... hopefully by 8:15, but most likely 8:30... bedtime. Usually we read to River, but lately he's been reading to us.

The End!


Jessica Rudder said...

That sounds like a busy (but fun) half birthday!

I really enjoyed all the adorable videos (and I'm sure Pops is going to like them as well).

I wonder if that's what River hears when you read him a story "Blah blah dah da da hahahaha blah BLAH dA!"

Shannon said...

Let's go to the park together! We go all the time. And aren't their lunches just funny?

Scott and Stacia said...

I love that River does sign language!! It brings me back to the time Jacen was just little. (Brycen only did signs when we couldn't understand what he was saying) It was so fun to catch up on your did take 2 hours but Scott knows I was doing something worth my while :) I will be posting on our blog soon...hopefully:) Wish we lived closer to each other, our boys would have fun together!!