Thursday, August 18, 2011

4th of Julies

I just realized my disciplined everyday posting in June did not carry over to July and I missed some big events. This is River's second 4th, but last year he went to bed at six and never saw so much as a sparkler. This year, we layed off the schedule a bit and River had the time of his life. We had so many firework celebrations, I lost count. Utah does its big celebrations on Saturday or Monday, if the 4th falls on a Sunday, like this year. So Saturday we went up the mountains and had a campfire and drove down in time for the South Salt Lake fireworks. Then Sunday we had a barbeque. Monday we had another barbeque, followed by awesome neighborhood fireworks and lastly, Pioneer Day rolled around (A UT holiday, celebrating the day the Pioneers first arrived in the Salt Lake Valley... celebrated in similar fashion to the 4th.) and River got to go through his own box of fireworks!

After three nights in a row of a ten o' clock bedtime, this little man was partied out. Thankfully he got enough rest for the 24th (Pioneer Day) and was the cutest fireworks director ever. He would run to the stack of fireworks, pick one out, set it down in the same spot each time, run to mommy's lap and then give the sign for go to his dad. He would clap through the sparkling and cracking, but the second it was done, he was off my lap and back to his "work". He loves helping out and takes it very seriously.


Scott and Stacia said...

how cute that River was so into the fireworks. Would have been fun to see him in action :)

Jessica Rudder said...

That's cool that he wasn't afraid of the fireworks.

He's gonna be a brave one!

I also love that he got to be a part of the fireworks show. Sounds like he was all business. :)